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Sacred Heart Academy Gorakhpur
Principal’s message

It is upon, us the educators to ensure that the quality of humans is constantly worked upon, so that we may be able to create a world as near to perfection as possible. Our children are the future adults, and we need to make able adults out of them, so that whatever profession they choose they are able to do justice to it through total devotion and for this a harmony, a balance is to be created between material and spiritual needs. A child is to be taught that the first and foremost duty is to love oneself then in turn love the world; to learn to respect oneself and then others. We are dedicated to this cause and through development of aesthetic sense through various co-curricular activities along with academics are trying and putting in our best efforts to achieve our goal and that is to develop a sound mind in a sound body. And through myriad activities it is ensured that each and every aspect of a student’s personality is touched and paid heed to.
Every child is a reminder of immense potential and infinite possibilities. Here, we try to unshackle a mindset tied by narrow thinking. So that this immense potential is harnessed properly and possibilities deliberated and acted upon. This then is our sole purpose here at Sacred Heart Academy.
Dr. Smriti Singh

Principal, Sacred Heart Academy Gorakhpur