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Sacred Heart Academy Gorakhpur
An interesting and comprehensive curriculum has been designed for pre- primary children.Play way method is adopted. Comprehensive and enhancing curriculum has been designed for kinder-garden(Nursery,LKG,UKG)children to develop their oral skills so that they learn about their surrounding. The medium of instruction is English.

A:- For classes IX & X(ICSE)

Group 1
English,Hindi,History & Civics,Geography and Environmental Education.
Group 2
Science(physics,chemistry,Biology)and Mathematics or Economics & Commercial studies.
Group 3
Computer Application or Physical Education. S.U.P.W.(Social Useful and Productive Work).

B:- For classes XI & XII(ISC)

Science Stream
a:-English, Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry,Computer Science & Environmental Education.
b:-English,Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Hindi/Physical Education and Environmental Education.
Commerce Stream
English, Commerce, Accounts,Economics,Hindi/Physical Education and Environmental Education
Sports & Audio Visual
Extensive use is made of audio visual aids to improve the quality of teaching. The audio visual room are equipped with latest gadgets to facilitate technology aided education.
Physical Fitness of students is ensured through compulsory participation of all students in regular drills, games and sports.The School has Provision for various indoor and outdoor games such as Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho, Volly-Ball, Lawn Tennis,Table Tennis  etc. Physical activities are an internal part of the curriculum.Summer Camps are Organized to provide coaching in different Games.
A:- Pre Primary Section

1-:personality Enhacement Program(PEP).
Through this program each and every student gets an opportunity to come on stage and display his/her abilities infront of his/her parents, this inturm instills confidence in the student which helps him/her to grow into a healthy personality.
2:-Theme Party
A theme party is organized on last Saturday of every month . These parties help children's interact with each other in an informal enviroment, this interaction serves as a precursor to social interaction required during adulthood.Again the purpose is to develop the entire personality and not just a single aspect.
Various Clubs (art, music, cookery,debate, sports) have been formed so that through these clubs a student is able to chisel his talent to perfection.
C:-Audio Visual Aids
Audio Visual aids are used to impart education. National Geographic/Discovery programme are an integral part of our liberary.
Beside the Cultural and literary programmes inside the school campus, the school promotes outdoor activities like visit the natural surrounding, places of historical and cultural importance.
Movies are shown time to time. The movies are both entertaining and enlightening.
Physical Education

A sound body is a Pre-requisite for a sound mind.The school attaches due importance to the physical fitness of the children. P.T. Drill, Games and sports are an integral part of the school activities. Annual sports day/events are held every year. Beside student get opportunities to take part in Inter-School Competition.
Computer Education

Computer Science has been introduced in the school from class 1st onwards to create computer awareness amongst the students. The computer classes are held in lab so that the students are able to do well in this subject as practical knowledge is imperative in order to understand this subject properly.
Library & Information Services
an enquiring mind.The School has well stocked library with encyclopedias,reference books,work of foction and Classic.
Magazine and Newsletter

An annual magazine and a quarterly news letter is published to provide students with a platform to Unleash their creative expression as also to give them an elementary training in journal production.